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Travel deals are hot. Social networks are hot. Group buying is hot. But when travelers go to a new city, they often don’t have the social networks and group buying to live the life…or at least the discounters life.

Gtrot, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based service that has data for almost 100 U.S. cities, plans to take care of that. The service is launching GTrot Deals, a service that will cross reference travel plans and experiences with their Facebook friends, and with Local Offer Network, a deals aggregator. It is an interesting cut of LON’s data.

GTrot Deals will save users from having to sign up for local deals with favorite deals sites. It automatically starts sending deals five days before the trip, and automatically ends after the trip. Users won’t have to go to the trouble of unsubscribing.

Personally speaking, however, it’s not the way I want to travel. If I have a couple of days to spend in a city, I want to go to the best places, not just the ones that have a discount that week.

And it certainly doesn’t do the merchants a favor, with the possible exception of tour outfits, like Old Town Trolley, or event and destination companies, like Madame Tussauds. They want to acquire new customers, not one-off customers. But still, it will be interesting to check it out. I could see verticals of this, especially student oriented deals (Let’s Go Europe, Lonely Planet, etc.).

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