ILM East: Yext’s Howard Lerman Opens Up Tags Platform for Publishers

If you’re a publisher, Yext CEO Howard Lerman wants to share his plumbing with you. Not literally, but in the “presence product” marketplace, where Yext will soon open up its Tags platform to enable participating publishers to create their own to-market tags offering. This is done by leveraging Yext’s API (i.e., “the plumbing”).

Lerman’s enthusiasm for tags is as transparent as the API that he’s now allowing publishers to leverage. Since launching Tags two months ago, Yext has enrolled more than 1,000 paying subscribers with simple, flat-rate pricing.

Merchant tags (special offers) are created in a blink, populate a dozen premium publisher sites (Yelp, Citysearch,, etc.), boost search rankings, and can be changed in real time. This is step one in Lerman’s master merchant vision: allowing locals to disseminate relevant information instantly.

He’s even willing to work with Google, which to date has been unwilling to work with him. Very willing, in fact. Lerman spent much of his ILM East address highlighting the powerful impact that Google Tags are having on the overall marketplace … for local advertisers and sellers alike.

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