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James Moran of the daily deal aggregator Yipit presented this slide at SXSW on Monday and I thought it would be of interest to post it here:

Daily Deal Stack

According to Moran:

Many layers have formed in the stack between merchants and consumers of Daily Deals. The largest players attempt to serve both merchants and consumers, while new players focus on dedicated constituencies or act as intermediaries. This was inspired by a slide by Terence Kawaja detailing the display advertising landscape, which serves as a useful analogy to how the Daily Deal market is evolving.

When I look at the slide it seems that there’s still a lot of opportunity for plays in the Merchant Services and Merchant Agencies spaces. Providing data to the players, as Yipit is currently doing, also seems like a potentially juicy segment.

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  1. I attended Jim’s session at SxSW, and this slide cystallized both the emerging complexity and opportunity in the group buying ecosystem. A great bringing-it-all-together slide!

    Also, Yipit (as the slide notes) has not only built a solid customer base as an aggregator, but also healthy revenue as a deals data service, including market-by-market, top selling verticals, and more.

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