Social Local Media: BIA/Kelsey Wants to Get Social With You

The debut of BIA/Kelsey’s newest advisory service – Social Local Media – is fast upon us, with the launch set for Wednesday, Feb. 23, and an introductory webinar to follow the next day (2/24). Over the next eight business days, we are going to engage in a social media marketing campaign to give you a voice in shaping the program and its conversations.

Beginning today, we will utilize our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as this blog, to thoughtfully engage with you daily. We’ll share examples of the social data and insights that you will find in SLM. And most importantly, we’ll solicit your input through polling questions that will take the temperature of how different companies (SMBs, agencies, publishers, broadcasters, online pure plays, etc.) are implementing social media plans. Plus we’ll ask for your suggestions about how the webinar can address your biggest needs in social.

It’s fascinating to examine how players are identifying and approaching opportunities in the local social ecosystem, and the first thing we’ve seen is how social platforms have revolutionized how companies and their customers interact and share. We now want to put our own social media channels to work in order to learn more about your challenges, questions and needs in social so that we can appropriately address them on the webinar and throughout our coverage. Will you participate with us?

Join the conversation on our Twitter feed (@BIAKelsey), our Facebook page, or in our LinkedIn Group…or post a comment directly to the blog. You may also E-mail us (

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  1. Liz

    Local social is one of the most exciting things about social – whether it’s check-in services and time relevant vouchering, or distribution channels or even co-creation platforms. But one thing we’re grappling with is finding a social media tool to listen to both granular conversations and buzz at a local level. There are some products that do granular conversations locally, but only focus on one social media platform (Needium – Twitter) and some that give you great ‘buzz’ analysis across all platforms that are moving towards towards geo-listening (I made that phrase up, but it makes sense I guess!) but no solution that covers all.

    So my question is – what’s the best social media listening tool that:

    * Listens across all social media platforms
    * Gives you both granular conversations and data analysis (sentiment, volume, platform, etc)


  2. Will Scott

    Hi Jed,

    Kelsey SocMe kickoff looks pretty good. Go claim that username: so you can get rid of your facebook number.

    I’m excited to see the growth the Kelsey Social Local Media advisory service. I’m hopeful you guys can keep it actionable for your subscribers and not fall into the trap of simply rehashing the newest of the new.

    We’ve got, and seen other, great case studies of local merchants effectively leveraging Local Social. And, if done well, it can scale for publishers too.

    Glad to see Kelsey leading the charge.

    P.S. I’m following on Twitter, Like on Facebook and Joined the LinkedIn group. Looking forward to it.

  3. Jed Williams

    Will –

    The Facebook account is now updated…thanks for the suggestion. Local-centric case studies will be an instrumental part of our coverage. Andrew and I are definitely looking to showcase those (SMBs, agencies, media companies, etc.) that are leveraging social effectively and creatively…and have metrics to substantiate their success. Would love to hear yours…

    And yes, actionable indeed is the key word.

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