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Foursquare is trialling a new nationally featured place to check in to: Super Bowl XLV.

“Super Bowl Sunday” will be available in the trending now section on Foursquare’s mobile apps. If you check in and shout which team you’re rooting for, you’ll unlock a Packers or Steelers badge. Badges will come with redemption codes for 20 percent off at

Though no money is changing hands with the NFL, I have a feeling we’ll see more of this soon, as an engagement tool for brands. A number of companies such as Miso, GetGlue and Badgeville have already begun to extend the check-in to things like TV shows and Web sites.

This represents usage growth opportunities and monetization events for a wider range of advertising. Foursquare, being the leader of the check-in game — and a proponent of constant evolution — is primed to get this going in unique ways.

In terms of advertising milestones, Foursquare is also tying into the team spotlighted in the most iconic Super Bowl ads of the past. “Thanks, Mean Joe!”


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