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One of the challenges presented by online video in the directory space is that the video content is often buried inside the IYP listing. This has always seemed like a suboptimal way to present valuable content in a format that converts well.

Webshoz, a new company, has developed a product called the Videobar that offers publishers a way to drive more views to online videos while generating more revenues from advertisers.

The basic idea behind the Videobar is to take six videos from within the directory and present them on the Videobar, which is essentially a horizontal display ad. Users can view the videos in thumbnail form within the bar by rolling over them. Or they can click to go to that advertiser’s landing page.

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Frank Rocco, Webshoz VP of sales and marketing, told us there are three elements to the Videobar value proposition:

* An increasing number of plays for online videos.
* More exposure and leads for advertisers.
* An additional revenue opportunity for publishers.

There would appear to be an opportunity to distribute the Videobar to other sites to generate leads from outside the IYP as well.

Rocco says Webshoz is looking to license the Videobar to publishers on a rev share basis. The company offers free video production as part of its service, but that is more table stakes than a USP.  The Videobar (which Rocco duly notes is patent pending) itself is what makes Webshoz new and different.

Webshoz has worked with Placelinks to develop its customer dashboard and tracking and reporting system.

Webshoz has a trial of the product under way with SureWest, which operates its IYP on the Innovectra platform.

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