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We’ve been busy putting together a solid lineup of speakers at our upcoming Interactive Local Media conference (Dec 7-9). Spotlighted will be two SuperForums on hot topics in the local media space: Mobile, and Daily Deals/Group buying.

The SuperForum format, for those unfamiliar, is a two-hour block of time in which we roll through a series of presentations and panel discussions on the topics that define the segment. Think of it like a separate track but under the conference “main tent.”

For the day 2 mobile SuperForum, we’ll kick things off with fresh BIA/Kelsey mobile forecast data, then we’ll hear from our featured speaker, 4Info CEO Zaw Thet (see our coverage).

Then we’ll roll through a few panel discussions on mobile innovation, usage, evolution and of course monetization. We’ll end things by sitting back and watching mobile product demos, representative of the innovation happening out there.

A more detailed walkthrough is below and our recent webinar previewing these topics can be replayed here. We’re looking forward to it and hope to see you there.

SuperForum 1: Mobile Local Media
The growth of smartphones and geolocation products is vaulting mobile into a central role within local media strategies, and is the subject of ILM:10’s first “SuperForum.”

Introduction and BIA/Kelsey Data
BIA/Kelsey Analyst Michael Boland kicks things off with an introduction and presentation of original data.
Michael Boland, Program Director, Mobile Local Media, BIA/Kelsey
Dan Miller, Senior Analyst and Founder, Opus Research

SuperForum Featured Address
4Info has long been an SMS advertising powerhouse. But as the mobile device world evolves and diversifies, the company continues to innovate in many areas and formats. The industry leader will lend perspective on the biggest opportunities in mobile advertising.
Zaw Thet, CEO, 4Info

Evolution of Mobile Local: The Leaders
Mobile local content and ads are developing into lots of shapes and sizes. We’re bringing online search habits to mobile but also checking in to location based social apps and scanning barcodes. How are we evolving the act of finding a flat screen, pair of jeans or pint of Guinness, and what does it mean for local advertising?
Surojit Chatterjee, Senior Product Manager, Google
Matt Galligan, CEO, SimpleGeo
Evan Tana, Director of Product Management, Shopkick
Alistair Goodman, CEO, Placecast

Mobile Ad Targeting: The Metrics
A crop of mobile local ad networks is emerging, consistently showing greater performance when ads are targeted locally. We’ll hear from these companies in a roundtable discussion, including concrete metrics and best practices.
Walt Doyle, CEO, Where
Craig Hagopian, CMO, xAD
Greg Hallinan, Cofounder and CMO, Verve Wireless
Dan Ruby, Director of Research, Chitika

Innovation in Mobile Products: The Demos
To cap off our SuperForum, we’ll sit back and enjoy visually rich demos from companies that are leading the way for mobile product innovation and content delivery.
Martin Herbst, GM, eBay Classifieds U.S.
Adrian Ochoa, President, Avantar
Ky Tang, Director of Marketing, TeleNav

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