DAC Group Teams With Chatmeter to Add Reputation Management

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With online search fragmentation and social media emergence driving prodigious growth forecasts for the reputation management sector (BIA/Kelsey projects $3.5 billion in ERPM revenues by 2014), agencies and publishers are both in the market for technology that adds this tool to their client offerings. Canadian agency (directory and digital) DAC Group has jumped on board, teaming with chatmeter to enable clients to manage and optimize their online presence across search engines, directories and social networks.

The partnership makes logical sense considering that many of DAC Group’s clients are national franchises that need to better monitor ERPM for local stores. This is especially so as national brands increasingly employ online advertising and social networking to drive local store traffic. The Groupon phenomenon and the recent debut of Facebook Deals are two stark examples of national-local opportunities.

Through chatmeter, DAC Group will not only provide local listings maintenance, but also analysis related to these results and a recommendation engine that will build off detailed tracking data to pinpoint campaign adjustments. Competitive benchmarking is becoming a critical component of reputation management, and chatmeter allows for businesses using its platform to size up their online performance directly against local competitors.

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