DeCarta Customizes Navigation and Local Search Applications for Mobile


With interactive maps and location-based services emerging as foundational elements of the mobile phone experience, local navigation and search provider deCarta is enabling mobile network operators and mobile handset OEMs to tailor localized applications and content to their brands through upgrades to MapSearch, its cloud-based suite of products.

MapSearch’s latest extensions, as unveiled by deCarta, include:

— MapSearch Content Cloud: “Customers can upload customized or tailored content to the MapSearch Content Cloud. End-users can then access MapSearch’s advanced search features to find what they are looking for in that content.”

— MapSearch APIs: Mobile Network Operators can “deploy local search acros most mobile handset providers as well as through computer browsers.”

— MapSearch Engine: It “provides advanced spatial search, including search around locations, around a route, category search, free text search, international direction finding and geocoding, directory search, geofencing and UGC.”

DeCarta offers geospatial software technology to Internet, mobile, location-based service and personal navigation device applications for mapping, navigation and local search. Its clients include OnStar, Qualcomm and Sprint, among many others.

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