Fisher Multi-Platforms Buzz Brands for Convergent Opportunity

At BIA/Kelsey’s DSB ’10 conference, Fisher Communications CEO Colleen Brown emphasized that local broadcasters can utilize the “long tail” of content to create richer offerings and open new advertising channels. The Seattle-based media group already does this through clusters of hyperlocal community Web sites housed by its Seattle and Portland TV properties. 

Now, Fisher is unlocking a new multi-platform opportunity for its radio stations and other radio and TV stations by leveraging the syndicated TV show The Daily Buzz as Buzz Brands, which will provide vertical lifestyle content that can be plugged directly into Web sites to enrich their content base and introduce new sales opportunities. “It’s true convergence,” Randa Minkarah, Fisher’s senior VP of business development, told BIA/Kelsey.

Fisher will introduce GalTime, a repurposed version of the existing Web site, on its revamped KPLZ radio site in October. It expects to launch verticals focused on health, finance and other niches in the coming months.

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