Millenial Media Report: Mobile Retail Buyers Present Holiday Opportunity

Mobile ad network Millenial Media has posted its August S.M.A.R.T. report, which spotlights trends in mobile advertising and commerce based on activity across its network (both actual campaigns and network data). The latest release centers on mobile retail advertising and buying behavior in advance of the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Top takeaways from the report include:

– 27 percent of mobile subscribers who access retail content on their phones are mobile-only. In other words, they cannot be reached online or in-store … only through their mobile devices. This creates an entirely new and uniquely mobile retail audience for advertisers to cater to.

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 24 08.24

– Mobile retail users trend more affluent than the aggregate mobile audience, rating higher in all income brackets above $50,000. 

– Popular items that mobile retail users investigated included electronics (31 percent), clothing/accessories (29 percent) and books (21 percent) … all ripe holiday retail categories.

– On the advertising side, the majority of campaigns (57 percent) were still purposed for “broad reach,” although the remaining 43 percent had targeted audience reach goals. Among targeted campaigns, GEO was the most prevalent method (41 percent). Retail and restaurant franchises and banks were active geotargeters. Demographic targeting trailed closely (37 percent), with automotive (millenials) and pharmaceuticals (women) prevalent users of this method.

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  1. Geo-targeting

    Geo-targeting is a great way to increase conversions and click through rate. People are more willing to buy if the offer is more relevant to them. Also, users are more trusting of local offers.

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