Fanminder Offers Bring Mobile Couponing to SMBs' Fingertips

As BIA/Kelsey’s Mike Boland has detailed, Fanminder‘s mobile coupon platform is notable for both its simplicity of use and economical price, hallmarks that should resonate with SMBs looking to utilize mobile messaging.

Fanminder’s latest release, Fanminder Offers, builds off this strategy to increase SMB accessibility. The Los Altos, California, start-up is primarily using SMS to take advantage of the ubiquity of texting to reach a wider initial audience. With U.S. smartphone penetration hovering between 20 percent and 25 percent and mobile subscribers projected to send 1.6 trillion texts in 2010, this is a logical first step. Mobile apps will launch soon.

While much attention is devoted to prospecting and recruiting new customers, Fanminder specializes in existing customer retention and upsell through mobile couponing. Its platform enables local businesses to build customer lists, then reach out with targeted and timely offers to their opted-in base. Interested users send a uniquely coded reply that allows for full tracking and fraud detection.

A crucial tenet of Fanminder’s growth strategy is building a reseller network that can connect to more SMBs. CEO Paul Rosenfeld recently told BIA/Kelsey that a partnership with Intuit to power a “Text2Vote” campaign achieved this goal.

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  1. Paul Rosenfeld

    Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate it.

    One small note of clarification: Our partnership with Intuit is separate from our reseller network. Our reseller network is composed of marketing agencies, social media gurus, credit card salespeople and other independent salespeople who add Fanminder to their portfolio of services they sell.

    Hope that helps… thanks again, Paul

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