Google TV Ads Extends Reach With DirecTV Partnership — Will SMBs Follow?

With Google TV Ads’ announced partnership to auction inventory across 11 national networks carried by DirecTV, the search giant begins to try to rebut skepticism about its ability to achieve significant reach. Now it must demonstrate the ability to generate healthy revenues, driven largely by SMB platform adoption, to avoid the pitfalls it suffered in similar newspaper and radio consortia.

DirecTV’s 18.7 million households, combined with Google’s existing relationship with Dish Network, more than double TV Ads’ overall reach to 33 million homes.The networks — including brands such as Bloomberg, FOX Business, Fit, Fuel and TV Guide — are generally lower-rated, with many highly targeted to specific demographics.

However, Google Ads will have access to local inventory across all dayparts, a breakthrough that previously impaired its perception as a primary TV advertising vehicle and was absent from the radio partnership.

For SMBs, there is a give-and-take.

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    That’s a new great ads platform, i want to try it but how much it cost?

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