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The new Q1 2010 Smartphone Intelligence survey from Compete (a Kantar Media company) shows significant developments in the use of local search, social networking and gaming on smartphones.

The quarterly study found that nearly one out of three smartphone users has called or stopped into a local business after finding that business from a local search application. Close to one-third of Android and iPhone users discovered at least two new businesses that they were not previously aware of.

Findings from our own consumer research are broadly consistent with the theme of the importance of mobile devices in local search. For example, our latest Mobile Market View survey found that 49 percent of smartphone users have searched for local products or services from their smartphones in the past six months.

On the social networking front, the Compete survey reported several findings that highlighted the importance of mobile devices for accessing the dominant social networks, Twitter and Facebook. For example, the survey found that 33 percent of smartphone Twitter users primarily send tweets via their smartphones.

Finally, the Compete survey found that iPhone users, in particular, are avid gamers, with 51 percent having five or more games loaded on their smartphones. Over one-third, 37 percent, of iPhone users report playing games on their smartphones at least daily.

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