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U.K. directory publisher Yell is launching an overall redesign to its online directory today that follows the trend of building an immersive online Yellow Pages experience. The new site includes 3-D maps and street cam. Working with partners C3 and Tridoo, Yell has built lifelike 3-D images of four of Britain’s largest cities — London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

3d mapYell

In addition to the visual enhancements, has added “shortlists,” which enable the user to create favorite lists that they can share via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. has also, separately, introduced a video channel. The channel allows SMBs to upload videos for free and is part of an overall effort to promote the use of video as a promotional vehicle. At this stage, the video channel primarily features SMBs in Central London.

The idea of an immersive Yellow Pages idea has been gaining traction, particularly among European directory publishers. European Directories has embraced the concept.

The French publisher PagesJaunes has long featured a highly visual online experience. Seat PG features 3-D images in its mapping product. Boston-based EveryScape is an early innovator in bringing the immersive experience to local online media.

And then, of course, there is Google Street View.


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