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Joelle Gropper Kaufman from Adify is seeing the broad trend across vertical ad networks of buying audiences across topics (e.g., chic moms); regions (e.g., Sacramento) or shopping (e.g., automotive). While the popular sites drive the most traffic, Kaufman argues that it is on the “mid-tail” sites where the conversations happen. Consumers spend more time on their “passion sites” and that’s where you want to take the advertiser to connect brands and consumers.

Pulse 360‘s Jaan Janes spoke to publishers’ need to build and curate networks to increase reach, traffic and ad revenues. The idea is to reach across and develop associations across networks. In this case, Janes says relevancy and choice are critical to build associations with other networks to create new distribution outcomes. What Pulse 360 does to support this is to create the network, recruit members, provide customer service and pay members. Janes referred to Marketplaces 2010 keynoter Jon Brod and his discussion of AOL’s initiative with Patch concluding that, “Patch is a fantastic idea, curating local content. This can link all the sites in that content community. What’s needed next is someone like Adify to provide the roadmap, tools and ad network infrastructure.”

Warren Kay, Fox Audience Network, spoke to the issues of declining CPMs and lower monetization of Web sites. Kay says FAN uses a pixel on publisher sites combined with the FAN panel of uniques to tell publishers about their users leveraging shared data sources for targeting. This can help publishers see how well they are targeting audiences. They can see targeted vs. actual audiences, and modify content as necessary.

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