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paranormal activity

An otherwise obscure article caught my eye this afternoon. The Wall Street Journal reported that “Paranormal Activity,” a small independent movie made on the microscopic budget of $15,000, is experiencing roaring success commercially ($7 million gross last weekend) due to a Twitter-based marketing campaign. (Look out “Blair Witch Project”!)

To be fair, the campaign isn’t entirely grassroots — Paramount is skillfully steering the buzz, to make it SEEM grassroots. But the take-away here is that the commercial potential of social media is only beginning to be understood and leveraged.

So what does social media mean for YOU? (Which brings to mind a pair of back-to-back webinars we’re doing this week, on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll be focusing on E-Mail, Reputation and Presence Management — which encompasses social media.)

For details on the webinars, go to:

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