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Angie’s List, the Indianapolis-based premium services directory that charges members to access and participate in reviews of local service businesses, said it has crossed the 1 million member mark. The threshold has been reached after a major ad campaign on mass media outlets, the launch of many new markets, and continuing efforts with member referrals (which come with a big bag of M&Ms and entry in a sweepstakes).

The company had 650,000 members at this time last year. While it does not disclose how many actual paid accounts it has, it has historically had an average of two members per paying household. It also had a number of free trials that it counted. Ultimately, it had 280,000 paid accounts. If the 43 percent ratio were to hold firm with 1 million members, the company would now have 430,000 paid accounts. But many of the variables, of course, have obviously changed.

Angie’s List, which also has advertising revenues, is currently preparing a separate revenue stream from its medical reviews, which represent 150 of its 425 categories.

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