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At Mobilize ’09, Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha is announcing the latest Google Android Build known as Motoblur. It will enter the U.S. market through a new T-Mobile branded smartphone known as “Cliq” (“Dext” outside the U.S. through Orange and other carriers TBD).

Blur is a socially oriented Android build that makes friend connections central to the phone’s UI and home screen. This is largely based on the concept that communication with your contacts is a central function of any mobile device (duh).

Essentially it makes it easier to have your contacts sync across the native dialer (the phone part), Twitter, Facebook and whatever other social tools to which you subscribe. These exist on lots of mobile devices but perhaps not as integrated.

This is the latest Google Android build, and we’ll see many more from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and the remaining top global handset makers. It joins HTC’s Sense Android build that will soon hit U.S. shores on the anticipated HTC Hero.

As for the T-Mobile/Motorola Cliq, it appears to be a “slide-out” device (physical keyboard), whose additional specs will no doubt be dissected exhaustively in the coming days.


Update: Here’s the press release, product landing page and image (below).

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