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Google and Spot Mixer announced today that they will extend their partnership to include in-stream video ads. This follows the January partnership that brought SpotMixer’s DIY video production suite into Google’s TV Ads product. The main difference is that today’s announcement means more online video production, including Google’s growing access to rich media ad inventory via YouTube and the AdSense Network.

The SpotMixer do-it-yourself video ad production remains mostly the same and plugs into Google’s “self serve” philosophy of campaign creation and management. SpotMixer isn’t the only DIY video ad production dashboard, but it has won the Pepsi challenge among vendors trying to work with Google. Ad creation is done automatically from existing AdWords accounts (ad copy, etc.), and then customized further by the advertiser using its own images or creative.

The videos will be free for existing advertisers to produce, while an additional voice-over for videos costs $50. The remaining revenues will be derived from ad placement and distribution throughout Google’s content network, other video ad inventory such as YouTube, and on the television networks Google works with, such as Dish TV and a quickly growing list of others.

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