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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

ReachLocal Grossed $147 Million in ’08, Projects ’09 Growth

One of the big questions in local has been how well ReachLocal is doing. The SMB online advertising consultant was reportedly valued at $305 million after an October 2007  investment round. While ReachLocal says that number is “inaccurate,” the company’s ultimate success — still undetermined — would have important implications on the future of small-business marketing. (read more…)

Yelp, Search Engines Talk Local and Social at LSS

Top speakers and candid talk filled Steve Espinosa’s Local Search Summit held today in conjunction with SES San Jose. Running from stage to stage, I had the chance to check out at least the second half of it. Tech A-lister Jason Calacanis gave a quality interview with Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, revealing among other things that Yelp will soon integrate real-time feeds, a la Twitter. This will likely take the form of short real-time reviews or experiences of restaurants and local businesses. (read more…)

Sensis Continues to Grow Print

The Australian directory publisher Sensis posted 4.9 percent growth in its Yellow and White directory business (print and online combined) for the year ended June 30. Print directory (White and Yellow) growth for the period was 2.5 percent, while online increased 21.6 percent. Sensis has stood apart from other global directory publishers for its ability to grow print revenues in a tough economy, while most of its peers have seen steep declines in print. (read more…)

Content Distribution Networks — Traffic Up, Pricing Down

Web publishers distributing streaming content and media files rely on Content Distribution Networks such as Akamai, Limelight or Level 3 to scale cost effectively. As Web 2.0 has become richer in content, naturally CDN traffic has grown commensurately. In fact, new research from AccuStream Research estimates CDN market revenues at $1.37 billion for 2009, up 16.4 percent from 2008. CDN contract volume increased 23.3 percent over 2008, another strong growth indicator. (read more…)

Superpages Takes Top Honors in SEO Rankings Report

Andrew Shotland, top thinker at the intersection of local search and SEO, compiled a list of the most effectively optimized IYPs out there. The rankings are below, and additional drill downs, results and methodology can be found on his LocalSEOGuide blog. (read more…)

NearbyNow Powers More Magazine Mobile Apps

Yesterday I had the chance to catch up with NearbyNow CEO Scott Dunlap about its new Seventeen Magazine and Runner’s World iPhone apps. You may remember, the company powers the app for Lucky Magazine — a nice tool that lets magazine readers find out where they can shop locally for clothes & accessories featured in the magazine (see past post). (read more…)

Yellix Dials In to Mobile Social Networking

This morning I received an e-mail from Claudia Poepperl, previously of mobilePeople, regarding the first product to come out of her new company, Adaffix. Known as Yellix, it’s a mobile app that identifies incoming calls with Facebook information of the caller (if they happen to be a Facebook friend). (read more…)

Pay per Call Moving Into YP Mainstream

We’ve been hearing more and more chatter in the Yellow Pages business about pay-per-call advertising programs, in print as well as online, moving beyond selective use and into the mainstream. Our latest conversation supporting this assertion was with Bill Dinan, president of the call measurement firm Telmetrics, who tells us pay for performance in traditional media, including Yellow Pages, is moving way beyond programs targeting rescue accounts and nontraditional advertisers. (read more…)

Spot Runner Turns to Yodle for Local Online Ad Support

Spot Runner announced today that it has chosen Yodle as its official local online ad partner. This will bring Yodle’s local search marketing products (local SEM reseller) into Spot Runner’s existing ad bundles. The deal is also about local reach. Spot Runner deals mostly with national accounts and this is meant to provide more access to the SMB market, which Yodle has historically targeted. According to the release, this will involve several franchise accounts, which Yodle now service. (read more…)

Local Matters Boosts Product Set: More Widgets, SEO and Analytics

Local search technology provider Local Matters has announced an upgrade to its flagship Destination Search product as well as its search marketing platform Traffic Director. For those unfamiliar, Local Matters specializes in private-label local search products for online publishers and Yellow Pages companies. It powers the front end for 16 local search sites worldwide, according to Kris Skavish, VP of products and marketing. (read more…)

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