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The Australian directory publisher Sensis posted 4.9 percent growth in its Yellow and White directory business (print and online combined) for the year ended June 30. Print directory (White and Yellow) growth for the period was 2.5 percent, while online increased 21.6 percent.

Sensis has stood apart from other global directory publishers for its ability to grow print revenues in a tough economy, while most of its peers have seen steep declines in print. Much of this success is the result of a shift in focus on value-based selling, with discounting eliminated in favor or explicit ROI metrics supported by a big increase in the number of metered lines.

In an announcement of the full-year results, Sensis CEO Bruce Akhurst said his company is not seeing its online growth come as the result of shifting revenues.

“The number of Yellow Pages advertisers using both print and online grew by 13 percent and now accounts for over a third of our advertiser base. By contrast the number of customers taking Yellow Pages Online on its own stayed fairly static at about 6 percent of our customer base.”

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  1. Having worked with Carol Johnson as COO at Sensis in Australia for the last two fiscal cycles, it is rewarding to see the end results once again lead the industry. It also confirms that her strong leadership and systematic formula works whether at US WEST Direct or Singapore or Australia!

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