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Leading SMB video production house TurnHere announced an affiliate program today, which will allow Web site publishers and local search sites to offer video to their advertisers. This essentially lowers the barriers to resell TurnHere’s customized video production.

Previously, working with TurnHere required a business development process that spun out certified resellers (of sorts) for its local video production. Through this system, TurnHere prioritized larger publishers, which hold the most opportunity (read: direct local selling channels).

The affiliate program now not only makes it easier for smaller publishers to get on board with TurnHere, but it also grows TurnHere’s opportunity further down the tail. This should grow the company’s revenues while putting some money into affiliates’ pockets via rev share.

To the latter point, video production capability will be a strong selling point for affiliates to grow their own advertiser bases. This can be a retention play as well as a hook to get new advertisers in the door and build long-term relationships.

This comes at a time when online video’s measurable qualities and lower price tag ($899 in this case) makes it an attractive choice over television advertising. These are some of the growth drivers in our Local Video Forecast released last summer (updated data coming soon). We’re meanwhile seeing more and more smaller publishers integrate SMB video.

TurnHere has the ability to provide this “hook” for smaller publishers, as its highly customized videos stand out among the many flavors of entry-level video in the market– some of which are more automated or involve stock footage. These definitely have their merits (including price point), but TurnHere’s decidedly more personalized videos have been a key point of differentiation for the company so far.

Lastly, this announcement is in line with a trend we’ve seen play out at TurnHere over the past year. Though its video production strays from automation, its operations are becoming more and more automated. A little over a year ago, it integrated a streamlined process for advertiser feedback and post production.

Today’s announcement similarly streamlines its business development process and allows it to take a bigger bite out of the market. This will augment the many deals it’s been able to sign with top local publishers such as, Superpages and Citysearch.

The affiliate program has already signed on a short list of smaller vertical publishers including and It’s previewing many others and will soon open it up more broadly, according to COO John McWeeny.


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