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Local search technology provider AgendiZe has released new data that indicate the utility of “save & share” functionality for online local listings. This was done in the context of “time-shifted leads” — listings info that users will save and use later.

This “saving” is often done through send to phone, save to Facebook, save to Outlook contacts, or any number of features that AgendiZe powers for local search sites. AgendiZe works with Canada’s Yellow Pages Group (see past write-up), among others, through which it conducted the latest study.

Specifically it found that each incident of saving business information resulted in 1.36 calls to a local business. From the release:

Save & Share buttons within YPG’s listings for the wide range of business advertisers that participated in the study from December 2008 to March 2009. Although only four of the dozens of time-shifted engagement features that comprise the AgendiZe Engagement Platform were recorded for this study—save to address books, save to desktop, send to mobile and send to email—the results were highly noticeable for local businesses: each user action generated an average of 1.36 phone calls to YPG advertisers. Even more surprising, calls continued to grow to local advertisers over time, from 1.2 calls per interaction in the first month to 1.7 in the fourth month. The study revealed that users interacting with AgendiZe Save & Share features continue to come back and convert into repeated phone call leads many months into the future.


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