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Don’t take The Kelsey Group’s word for the fact that more marketers are switching some of their advertising dollars into the Internet. Here’s what eMarketer wrote a week ago. “In the wake of the global economic downturn, marketers worldwide are shifting more of their budgets into cheaper, more-measurable categories.” The fact that eMarketer actually put those words into an article can only be traced to the fact that it got some hard numbers from the Society of Digital Agencies. It is no surprise that “81 percent of respondents said they plan to invest at least as much in digital marketing in 2009 as in the previous year.”

Happily, eMarketer backs up these figures with another study by Ad Media Partners. The research shows that marketing executives are planning to increase digital spending in social media marketing (77 percent), search marketing (76 percent), mobile marketing (75 percent), behavioral marketing (70 percent), lead generation (63 percent), video advertising (60 percent) and e-mail marketing (58 percent).

EMarketer sums all this up by pointing out that “the combination of accountability, conversion and the infusion of digital media into every facet of life makes the future look bright — for marketers making the move to digital.”

Anyone in the radio or television broadcasting industry who needs to understand how to best take advantage of digital media needs to be at the Winning Media Strategies conference to be held May 20-22 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C. The Kelsey Group and BIA Advisory Services have put together an event that will pay incredible dividends to those broadcasters willing to make the small investment of time and money.

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