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FixR, a seven-person Boston-area site that bills itself as an “eBay for local services,” has launched. Developed with private funds, the site provides free listings for services and free bids for consumers, but expects to charge a “success” fee when consumers follow through and hire. It has a tagline of “things done, money saved.”

The site, which joins an increasingly crowded space led by providers such as ServiceMagic and Angie’s List, currently has 500 service providers in the Boston area and is soliciting reviews. It closely follows the example set by MyHammer, a German based-site that has recently expanded to the U.K. The site’s tagline is “Gute Arbeit, Guter Preis.” (I don’t think that needs to be translated, right?)

“It is truly a marketplace,” says fixR cofounder Andres Torrubia, a longtime tech veteran. He notes that the site is testing many features out, including Facebook Connect and an iPhone App. It is also determining whether it should be a national site, or develop on a city-by-city basis.

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