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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Online Video Ads Just Got a Lot More Interesting

The name of the game in online video is integrating ads in ways that are unobtrusive and contextually relevant. These are simply rules we have to live by, as standards have been set for all online media — even before video came along. We can mostly thank Google for that. (read more…)

All the Blogging That’s Fit to Print

The New York Times covers a new daily news provider called The Printed Blog that’s building a new model based on what it hopes to be the best of online and offline distribution. As its name implies, this will involve the production of daily print publications with content taken from blogs. (read more…)

AT&T, Superpages Announce Distribution Deal

In a significant move, AT&T Interactive and Idearc Media announced today that they will extend each other’s reach by allowing business profiles on one site to be distributed on the other. (read more…)

New York City Taps Google for Local Search

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg posts on the Official Google Blog today about a new partnership between the city and Google to launch a series of local search tools. This will include a City Guide site,, with mapping and local search powered by Google Maps. The site will feature lots of mashups for finding bars, restaurants, museums, clubs, etc. (read more…)

Placeblogger Revamps: Remember, It’s Places AND People

Placeblogger, a 2007 recipient of $220k from the Knight News Challenge, has recently been revamped by its founders to encourage more personal interaction. Why? Location-based blogging without the context of a person is just kind of stale, says founder Lisa Williams, a longtime blogger of hometown Watertown, Massachusetts, and previously an analyst at The Yankee Group. (read more…)

Opt-Out Gains New Momentum

The movement to compel Yellow Pages publishers to make it easy for consumers to opt out of receiving telephone books and punish unwelcome distribution gained some momentum last week with legislation introduced in Minnesota and the city of Albany, New York. (read more…)

Google Kills Print Ads

Google, as part of a series of cutbacks, is eliminating its Print Ads program, which had 800 newspapers and other print sources participating. The program, which began in November 2006 with 50 newspaper partners, stops selling new placement Feb. 28. (read more…)

Ustream iPhone App Now Available in iTunes

The UStream iPhone application, which lets users watch live streaming event coverage, is now available in the iTunes App store. And right on schedule: The company’s goal was to launch in time for today’s presidential inauguration. (read more…)

Holovaty’s EveryBlock Prepares ‘For Profit’ Strategy

EveryBlock, the six-person Adrian Holovaty “micro-local” project funded to the tune of $1.1 million by the Knight News Challenge, is preparing to go “for profit” when the two-year Knight grant ends in June. (read more…)

The Future of Newspaper Events

Events for newspaper industry executives are clearly challenged right now. Today, I learned via Vin Crosbie’s Facebook thread that the World Association of Newspapers and the World Editors Forum had to “postpone” their annual conference, which was set for March 22 in Hyderabad, India. (read more…)

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