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Following the recent post on MIT coursework devoted to building mobile apps, TechCrunch reports that Stanford is doing something similar with iPhone apps. A number of the applications are approved and some are awaiting iTunes approval. They’re all fairly useful and some are pertinent to local search.

Mobile classified mashup Abode, for instance, was written by Stanford student Keyan Salari. The app lets you view and save Craigslist listings on your iPhone:

Abodi allows you to search listings on Craigslist and save your favorite results for viewing access on the go. You can call or email the ad poster, map out the locations of rental/sale properties and even take notes and photos of the properties you visit. Abodi knows where you are located using the iPhone’s GPS technology, so you can find or rank listings by their distance to your current location or other points of interest! Free, to be submitted by 01/26/09

Given the lowered barriers to mobile application development, expect lots more marketable innovation to come out of academia.

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