Case Study: and Canadian Local Search

A new TKG report has been released that takes a look at Canadian local search start-up As we wrote at the time of its launch, this is a joint venture between YellowBot and Canadian publishing company Transcontinental Media.

After two months, the site already has more than 1 million monthly unique visitors and has brought a YellowBot-injected dose of “local 2.0” features to the Canadian market. You can read the report summary here, and TKG clients can log in to My Kelsey to read the full report.

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  1. Sebastien Provencher

    Interesting. Is this 1M unique visitors internal numbers or Comscore MMX?

  2. Mike Boland

    Hi Sebastien. It is their internal numbers. I believe measured by Google Analytics.

  3. Ask Bjørn Hansen

    Hi Sebastian & Mike,

    Yes – it’s the number from Google Analytics. The number is from a week ago; it’s a good deal higher now. And as the 30 day window moves past the holiday weeks it’ll look better yet. :-)

    – ask

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