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SMB video ad creation company SpotMixer announced a partnership today with Google to push its videos into Google’s content network, and TV Ads programs.

This essentially makes SpotMixer a designated AdWords reseller and gives its advertisers the ability to push out videos to Google’s content network (pay-per-click), or to cable television spots (CPM).

The value of the latter grows as Google’s TV Ads division continues to form distribution deals with various cable TV providers and networks. Recent deals have included NBC Universal, Dish Network and Harris Corp.

For the One True Media-owned SpotMixer, the benefits are simple: more distribution. This amounts to a greater selling proposition for its video creation engine. The name of the game in SMB online video has evolved from who has the best video creation suite to who has the best distribution.

SMBs are getting sophisticated enough to ask: Where will this video go and who will see it? Many of these platforms also offer rich analytics tools, the best of which is probably Mixpo.

SpotMixer’s deal today joins a range of distribution strategies we’ve seen in the quickly growing segment, including everything from online video networks (Jivox), cable TV (Spot Runner), vertical search sites and networks (Mixpo, Spotzer), business-to-business networks, (WellcomeMat) and IYPs (TurnHere).

YouTube is also a distribution medium used by some, but it has its downfalls — mostly involving a lack of commercial intent for its searchers. This was explored in a post earlier this week, and the overall SMB video market opportunity was explicated further in TKG’s video forecast.

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