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Realtors are a vocal bunch, especially on the blogs. When something isn’t right, you really hear about it.

Today, there was a bubbly post on Active Rain, an excellent real estate community site, by Missy Caulk, an Ann Arbor Realtor. She was invited to have lunch at Google’s offices in Ann Arbor after enthusing about all the company’s real estate-related products, especially Google Docs. She had a wonderful and inspiring visit (loved the food, etc.).

What I noticed was this: The post had 95 comments. So — a good place to mine thoughts on Google’s perceived shortcomings? Not really. In fact, based on the comments that Caulk received, I’d say it is a total love fest for Google in the real estate community.

Some of the real estate pros hadn’t heard about Google Docs, the online form for properties that can be easily shared on the Web. But the enthusiasm is palpable for all the other tools (Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Reader, Alerts, Chrome, Analytics and the Webmaster tools). Maybe it really isn’t all about AdWords.

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  1. Prior to coming to a few months ago to market SEM and their other New Media offerings, I was selling “do it yourself” virtual tour software to Realtors and educating them on all the great tools out there to help promote themselves on the web. Active Rain is a great site for information sharing and the “best of the best” on there can hold their own anywhere in terms of internet marketing knowledge; hence her invitation to Google. Plus, Realtors love “free” stuff, especially in this economy, so blogging and the Google tools are things that the most technologically advanced Realtors are embracing. The “love fest” extends beyond just Google. The whole site is very supportive of one another. Truly a gem of a social network.

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