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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here are the highlights from the TKG blog last week, in case you missed any posts. Click below to read each post in full.

IPhone Voice Search: Vlingo Joins Mix

I wasn’t able to report this yesterday, but Vlingo has joined Google in the small batch of iPhone voice search apps. It has gotten good reviews so far from Wired and CNET. Ours is to come soon (to see how it holds up to the local search test). You can also see a video tour at WebWare. (read more…)

ReelSEO Interviews Yellowbook’s Pat Marshall has undergone lots of changes over the past year, including the integration of video, reviews, redesigns, ad campaigns, a partnership with YouTube and an overall rebranding. Much of that can be attributed to the site’s newly appointed new media officer and the “father of IYP” (Superpages) Pat Marshall. (read more…)

Brownbook: Free Wiki-Based Directory Counts on Upsells

We keep going back to Clayton Christensen and his disruptive technology timeline … and we really don’t see that anything in the local space truly qualifies as the disruptor (although Google is worth pondering). Still, they keep coming. (read more…)

Television Goes Live on iPhone

Following the BIA webinar last month on the technological and competitive dynamics of mobile TV, we’re already seeing television reach the iPhone. U.K.-based streaming television provider Livestation will preview an iPhone app tomorrow that will show live television on the iPhone and iPod Touch. (read more…) Seeks Out Qualified Traffic for SMBs is gaining some attention on the local search scene with a proposition to pare down local search traffic to more qualified users. The site buys search traffic, which it then passes through a landing page that resembles a lead gen form. After ascertaining relevant info about a user’s location (ZIP) and other needs, it passes the user on to one of its advertisers that has the best match. This includes both pay-per-click and pay-per-lead ad formats. (read more…)

Oodle Signs Facebook; Bets on Social Infused Classifieds

Facebook will give up preliminary efforts to build its own classified service and will have classifieds powered by Oodle’s network instead. The effort, announced in Oodle’s blog, will launch by Q1 2009. With the signing, Facebook joins MySpace, Wal-Mart, Media General, Cox, The Washington Post Co., CanWest and others as Oodle distributors. (read more…)

IPhone Apps: The Winners Are …

Following yesterday’s post on the 10,000-app milestone for Apple’s App Store, the company today came out with its own list of the most downloaded apps of the year. It divided these into categories like top free apps, top paid apps, top games, entertainment, social networking, etc. Amid the most popular ones, there are lots of good location-based apps in the mix, including Urbanspoon and Loopt. (read more…)

New Device Watch: Nokia N97

Joining the surge of smartphones with quickly evolving standards is the Nokia N97. It was unveiled today at Nokia World 2008 in Barcelona, as the conference’s centerpiece. The top line is that it has 32 Gigs of memory, DVD quality video capture, a 3.5-inch touch screen, and it’s the first N-series phone to have a QWERTY keyboard. (read more…)

Location Awareness Popping Up Everywhere

We’ve written a bit in the past about how location awareness in mobile devices like the iPhone is beginning to inspire online product development. This has been behind Mozilla’s Geode platform, which lets developers create location-based services based on the location awareness that will be baked into the Firefox Web browser. (read more…)

10,000 iPhone Apps and Counting reports that there have been more than 10,000 iPhone apps released to date. The site tracks application releases and also has some interesting breakdowns of where applications fall into different categories and price points. About a quarter of total applications are free, for example, while about 35 percent cost $0.99 (seems to be the sweet spot for paid apps). (read more…)

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