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We’ve often pointed out that despite the iPhone excitement throughout the market, the device only makes up 1 percent of the mobile devices out there. This is still true, according to comScore VP of Marketing Solutions Brian Jurutka, who just spoke at ILM:08, but the device made up 3 percent of devices sold last month.

“As those sales continue it will make up a greater portion of the cellphone market,” Jurutka said, contending that iPhone-like interfaces will become more of a mass market phenomenon — whether that be the iPhone itself, Google Android-based devices or the inevitable copycats that will flood the market.

This will be an inevitable shift, driven by market competition and dropping prices. As that happens, we’ll see more mobile data consumption, which bodes well for mobile local search, whose day has perpetually been on the horizon.

As one example, Jurutka presented another data point that showed 29 percent of iPhone users look for product shopping information per month, compared with 14 percent for smartphone users and 3 percent for all other mobile devices.

We’ll hold a session at 11:30 today that will demo a sample of local iPhone apps. Should be fun.

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