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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here are the highlights from the TKG blog last week, in case you missed any posts. Click below to read each post in full.

New Kid on the Block for Canada Local Search

New Canadian local search destination has launched. The site is the product of a partnership between Canadian publisher Transcontinental and social/local pure play YellowBot (see profile). The site is one of Transcon’s first moves into online local search. As the fourth-largest print publisher in Canada, most of its publishing assets are in consumer magazines and newspapers (and associated Web sites). (read more…)

‘Local Mobile’ Heats Up: A Look at Verve Wireless

Local publishers, seeing the boom in text messaging and the Web surfing capabilities of the iPhone, are taking mobile more seriously as a channel for their content and advertising. Clearly, the mobile opportunity for local publishers has now gone beyond banners to embrace text messages, e-mail, video and integration with the ad networks. (read more…)

AT&T Yellow Pages Unit Changes Name, Expands Portfolio

The Kelsey Group has learned that effective Nov. 1, AT&T Advertising & Publishing will become AT&T Advertising Solutions. But there is more to this than a cosmetic name change. AT&T has also reorganized the company and expanded its portfolio to make AT&T AS the primary channel for ad sales throughout the AT&T enterprise. (read more…) Adds Performance-Based Marketing to Classifieds

Are classifieds fated, by definition, to be “dumb” all-you-can-eat listings? Or can certain categories be remade as performance-based listings a la Google that bring best matches to the top, offering higher revenue in return for a better match and conversion? (read more…)

AT&T Sweetens Deal for iPhone Users: Free Wi-Fi

AT&T has announced that iPhones will be allowed free Wi-Fi access at its 17,000 nationwide hot spots. This includes Starbucks, airports, hotels and lots of other public spots. This is especially good news for first generation iPhone users who don’t get 3G network access; the bump up to Wi-Fi speeds is a starker contrast for them. (read more…)

BuzzLogic Presents Proof Points for Blogospheric Influence

Buzz tracking software firm BuzzLogic released a report yesterday, administered by Jupiter Research, which affirms the role of blogs in influencing purchasing behavior. These data come at a key time for BuzzLogic’s story, when Madison Avenue remains somewhat wary about advertising on blogs. (read more…)

Will the Three Major U.S. YP Trade Groups Become One?

I’m here in San Antonio, Texas, having caught the tail end of the Association of Directory Publishers meeting, and now the Association of Directory Marketing’s event. One of the many questions floating around the U.S. Yellow Pages industry is whether the existing three U.S. trade associations will merge to gain efficiencies and, perhaps more critical, to create a common industry voice to deal with a growing list of challenges. (read more…)

Online Experiment: Losing the Remote

I just paid a $300 cable bill (three months). This is partly because I’ve had little time for bills, but also because my monthly bill is over $100. That includes basic cable channels plus the $40 package that bundles HBO. HBO is the only thing I watch in that package so essentially I’m paying $40 per month to watch “Entourage” once per week. (read more…)

When Will RSS Get Some Love?

It’s an important time to take a look at RSS, as more readers flock online to get their news and as more consumers adopt a mind-set of empowerment for all types of media. RSS falls in line with these trends and can be a great tool for customizing and managing your daily consumption of news, weather, sports, classifieds, etc. (read more…)

Broadband Providers, SMBLive Team for Merchant Profiles, Services

Broadband providers, especially those formerly associated with telco Yellow Pages, are trying to get back in the game of providing marketing services for small businesses. They’re looking to provide Web 2.0 directory-like profiles and search engine marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses with the idea of maintaining their subscriber accounts, and adding revenues from the slate of premium offerings. (read more…)

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