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Krillion announced today that it will productize its “find in store” functionality into a more succinct package for product search sites to use. This will include easier integration into Web sites; an interface that puts product pricing, availability and reviews all in one window; and additional features such as recommended substitutes for out-of-stock products.

The company has specifically designed this with manufacturing sites in mind — which it claims make up the bulk of online product research destinations. Right now, however, manufacturers are dropping the ball by giving detailed product information but no information about where to find items locally (or how many are on the shelf).

This logic was behind Krillion’s recent partnership with Panasonic. At that time, CEO Joel Toledano told us he has his sights set on more manufacturer sites, given the above realities combined with data that show 55 percent of online shoppers prefer to pick up items locally. The new enhancements should help the company get there, and we’ll find out soon the manufacturers with which Toledano is talking.

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