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The online video space is crowded these days, so having a clear point of differentiation is critical. One of the more interesting players in this burgeoning field is Spotzer, which is trying to bridge the gap between quality content and scalability with a “ready to air” model emphasizing quality content.

Earlier this week I spoke with Spotzer CEO Andy Klein, who also founded the Netherlands-based company.


According to Klein, Spotzer leverages a library of high-quality video content that can be used as is or customized with copy, voice-overs, music and so on. Spotzer also offers a campaign management capability it calls “agency in a box.”

One of the company’s investors is European Directories, which has rolled out video ads in two of its markets and will soon do so in all eight. Klein said Spotzer has lined up relationships with additional print and online-only publishers in the United States and Europe, which he shared with us. However, he asked that we not reveal the names pending the agreement of the partners to make announcements. The list includes some big names in the United States and Europe, including both traditional and new media companies.

Spotzer offers the full range of options from still images to custom video, but it sees its sweet spot in offering the combination of quality content and “ready to air” convenience. Klein suggested that not every small-business owner is ready for his or her close-up and might fare better with a slick off-the-shelf ad, combined with custom elements.

“The merchant doesn’t have to be the star of the show,” Klein said.

Klein conceded that for some businesses the custom video is the best option. He gave the example of a hair salon full of attractive, stylish people. However, he said, the “sweaty cheese shop owner” might be better off leveraging Spotzer’s existing content, combined with some original copy, music and voice-over, to create a professional ad that can be used online, out of home or even on TV.

One of the biggest challenges publishers face in selling custom video is getting merchants to schedule time to film the ads once the sale is made. Klein argued that the Spotzer model is one approach that works around this problem.

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