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The New York Times writes today about Google’s efforts to court ad agencies as a source of new business. Not surprisingly, these efforts are being met with a fair amount of skepticism from agencies that have seen Google as a means of disintermediation for some time.

The new push comes as a result of Google’s quickly expanding ad offerings. Google has been a “must have” ad medium for search, but it has to put in some work to convince marketers that the same is true for its other developing ad formats. This is especially the case for advertising traditionally bought by larger brand advertisers and agencies such as display, television, radio and print.

We’ll start to hear more and more about such traditional media buying through Google as it develops and integrates the capability within AdWords. This will utilize Google Analytics to more effectively track offline media’s affect on online traffic, leads and conversions, and to give a clearer picture of traditionally opaque offline media ROI analysis.

The “Campus@” agency courtship efforts are part of the overall scheme to get this going and build early traction among large advertisers that are more inclined toward traditional media buying. For more on this, check out our recent post about Google’s appearance during TKG’s session at SES San Jose to explain traditional media bundling (an extended version will be released in a report to TKG clients later this week).

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