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Newly launched automotive portal DriverSide announced today that it will acquire auto mechanic search site fairBenjamin.

The acquisition is hoped to improve DriverSide’s repair service data and estimates for common repairs, and possibly add new dimensions to its service based on fairBenjamin’s service model. This mostly involves anonymously shopping out repair jobs to mechanics who can then connect with car owners.

Like RepairPal, DriverSide offers cost estimates for repairs and maintenance based on a database of information on repair rates for various cars and other regional variables that affect costs, such as labor.

Other services include the ability to create an account and a personal portal for all things that have to do with your car, such as service records, value estimator, recall notices, service reminders, parts and accessories search, mechanic reviews, etc. You can even buy Terrapass carbon credits on the site.

DriverSide currently monetizes with classified ads from partner sites but will likely integrate other types of advertising in the future, including cost-per-action or transactional-style functionality around appointment scheduling. We could see the same from RepairPal as both sites evolve and gain more consumer traction.

You can read more background in our past interviews with both RepairPal and DriverSide.

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