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A recently released research paper from Integrated Media Measurement Inc., based on data from 3,000 panelists in six major markets, finds that multi-platform advertisers see increases in the number of consumers they reach while also significantly improving conversion rates. 

According to the IMMI paper:

Increasingly, major advertisers are launching multiple platform campaigns and media companies are packaging their inventory to encourage this strategy and deliver on its promise. Given the impetus in the marketplace, both buyers and sellers of ad opportunities need to understand the value of thinking across multiple platforms. Traditionally, the value of a multi-platform campaign was seen in its increased reach among the potential audience. IMMI data shows that reach is increased, but in relatively small numbers. A potentially more important impact of a multi-platform campaign is its ability to convert individual consumers more effectively.   


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The positive effects of multi-platform advertising here are similar to what IMMI data reveal for television shows, and perhaps even more applicable to advertising in general since movies involve a buying decision by the consumer in a way that television does not. Multi-platform advertising was more effective at getting panel members to make the decision, leave home, and buy the movie ticket. 

In the ever increasing multi-product world of directory and local media organizations, this type of data gives even more credence to selling a set of media solutions that all work together to increase both reach and improve conversion rates. The core concept is that by reaching more people with a consistent message SMBs increase their opportunity to convert prospects into customers.

While eyeballs (the number of people you reach) are nice, the real value to advertisers is the number of calls and visits the campaign drives. Being able to present this concept to SMBs, in a single sales event, is important since the salesperson has the ability to match and layer appropriate media to address the business goals of the company. By breaking media options into siloed sales channels, this opportunity is often lost in a single media mind-set.                           




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