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The frontiers of Web-based, self-serve advertising moved (a little) today, as Trulia introduced Trulia Pro, a new “starter” package for Realtors that provides unlimited “featured listings” and “Spotlight Ads” that Realtors use for branding. Trulia claims its featured listings capability boosts views by four to seven times.

Trulia Pro enables Realtors to place their ads on a “self-serve” basis, avoiding the need for a local sales partner. In addition, the service enables Realtors to mine up to 20 additional cities, neighborhoods or ZIP codes. Listings in exurban Riverside, for instance, could be marketed to people from Los Angeles without busting a budget. Current ZIP code marketing models are more limited.

Trulia Pro is being sold to Realtors for $39 per month, or $348 if they commit for a year. Trulia says the ads will be targeted to a base of 10 million users: 5 million of its own users and 5 million from its extended network. The service replaces Agent Featured Listings, which had been previously discontinued. Prime targets for Trulia Pro are expected to be the 85,000 agents who participate in Trulia Community Voices.

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