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Today The Kelsey Group unveiled a new name and brand for our September conference. What used to be known as Directory Driven Commerce is now Directional Media Strategies.

In most respects, nothing has changed. The conference is still Sept. 15-17 in Atlanta. The program has not changed from what we posted on our Web site a few weeks ago. Everyone who signed up to attend DDC remains a registered attendee of DMS. If you are a confirmed DDC speaker, you are now a confirmed DMS speaker, and the session in which you will participate has not changed nor has your role in it.

Yet we think this new name and brand carries a lot of meaning. Directory Driven Commerce served us well. However, as the conference has continued to evolve to reflect the key strategic issues facing the directional media industry, the old name didn’t seem to be aging very well. “Directional Media Strategies: The Multi-platform Opportunity” feels more in line with what we are really talking about, which is how publishers must embrace a new approach that is platform agnostic, performance based and transparent.

We have also introduced a new logo, which features a prism that is refracting incoming yellow light as a different shade. Of all the treatments we looked at, this one did the best job of conveying the transition the directional media industry is undergoing.

We hope you will check out the agenda for Directional Media Strategies 2008 and join us Sept. 15-17 in Atlanta. We’d also love your comments on the new name and logo.

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