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Among the developers of iPhone applications is The Associated Press. Featured during the relaunch of iPhone 2.0 today, AP’s Benjamin Moss, director of mobile products, said AP developed an iPhone app for its Mobile News Network in “just a few weeks.” Consumers can use the iPhone to send in news and photos.

More importantly, AP’s 5,000 press members can contribute and use news, sports and entertainment. The iPhone’s high resolution screen is ideal for photography and video, noted Moss. “We love working through the iPhone,” he said.

TypePad, the blogger service, also showed off a nifty application for uploading picture blogs. Representatives from the company suggested that its members can use the iPhone to snap photos, upload them to blogs and provide a simple caption (i.e., “Wow!”).

The iPhone’s relaunch is especially noted for its higher speeds via 3G, better battery life, cheaper price ($199), thinner form factor and built-in GPS. Apple head Steve Jobs said that with GPS, “location-based services are a really big deal on the iPhone.” 3G services, however, will be $30 a month instead of $20.

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