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Yellowbook has launched a new microsite to encourage consumers to download and share spots from its new ad campaign. The site also links to Yellowbook’s YouTube channel.

TKG recently posted on the new Yellowbook campaign and brand makeover. We see it as an upgrade of the previous David Carradine campaign, which the publisher contends was quite successful. Apparently, it wanted a new direction.

Yellowbook switched ad agencies for the new campaign, which of course is not an uncommon move. The result is a much more polished campaign, directed by Vadim Perelman (“House of Sand and Fog”) and featuring Blanca Soto (yes, the Blanca Soto). The objective is clearly to position Yellowbook as a multichannel, forward looking directory publisher.

On yesterday’s earnings call, Yell Group executives talked about the importance of investing in advertising and promotion, and cited data showing Yellowbook’s brand awareness was in many cases higher than that of its larger incumbent competitors. As noted in yesterday’s post, Yell plans to continue investing in its brands, despite the economic slowdown and pressure on costs.

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