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During DDL last week, I was able to finally meet Palore CEO Hanan Lifshitz. We profiled Palore a year ago, when it was a browser overlay that enhanced search engine results with personalized icon-based notifications of business attributes (pet friendly, kosher, vegetarian, etc.).

Since then, the company has changed its model to utilize all the data it was scraping from local search sites to get this info. From that have come useful data sets that the company is now structuring in various ways to be used by destination sites (licensed), or as research tools for marketers.

The company is starting to release some of the data to wet the market’s appetite, including a simple comparison of restaurants that have Web sites across major metros (see below). Other specific drill downs would be interesting to see, such as who is providing menus, table reservation features, and video (a comparative look at volumes of video clips across IYPs would also be interesting).

The point is that there are lots of mashups of local search data that are possible and potentially of interest or promotional value to destination sites, as well as local marketers and industry watchers. I’m meeting with Hanan again next week, and will find out more about the data he can scrape, aggregate and structure in interesting ways. More to come.

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