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AgendiZe announced today from the EADP conference in Spain that it will partner with Videoagency to power its video ads with call to action features. This brings AgendiZe’s signature click-to-call and save and share features (profiled in a past post) to video for the first time.

Mixpo provides similar functionality, which is a strong proposition to advertisers that want to take advantage of the direct response capabilities of video that is served in a local search context. This is the “lean forward” mode of video viewing we’ve examined in the past.

This is a logical step for AgendiZe, whose call to action buttons in local listings bring social and personalization capabilities to IYPs. As video is increasingly integrated in these venues, AgendiZe is following suit. Its existing relationships with and, among others, could also help Videoagency and the combined offering gain IYP channel relationships.

Videoagency currently distributes mostly on search engines, utilizing a video SEO tool in combination with increasing video favorability in search engine results (universal search). Like Spot Runner and TurnHere, the company relies on an outsourced network of 4,000 filmmakers to shoot and edit content for SMB videos.

The company is yet another in this quickly growing segment of SMB video vendors. Differentiation will be vital if and when we reach a shakeout in the space, and actionable videos like these (and Mixpo) are one point of differentiation. Check out the demo here.





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