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Search has its limitations for local businesses. In fact, many would just as soon place media rich display ads, but for the expense and creative challenge of developing the ads. That’s the hurdle being addressed by AdReady, a venture-backed Seattle company that has created hundreds of ready-made ads that can be selected on a self-serve basis.

Since launching in October, the company has signed up 9,000 accounts. The clients range from painters and plumbers (along with large companies such as Alaska Airlines). Going forward, the company is targeting such entities as organic food stores.

Backed by $12 million from Madrona Venture Group, Khosla Ventures and Bain Capital, AdReady has developed more than 600 display ad templates covering 16 categories, including such verticals as health, auto, real estate and food and beverage. In the health category, for instance, the ads include a “Golf Back Pain” theme, a “beating heart” theme” and a “signed cast” theme.

The ads are free, so long as advertisers provide AdReady with a 20 percent commission when they are placed on various ad exchange services, including Yahoo!’s Right Media, and Google. In addition to art work and placement, AdReady provides full reports, such as clickthrough rates.

While the ads are available directly from AdReady, the company also makes them available on a white-label basis. For instance, the company is partnered with Cobalt for auto dealer relationships. Reader’s Digest’s, for instance, is another reseller. AdReady was started by former exec Aaron Finn. Recently, Finn was joined by former AOL VP Mark Feldman. There are more than 30 people at the company.

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