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Charles Stubbs has left his position as president of (a unit of AT&T) to become CEO of Atlanta-based Primedia, which publishes a variety of print and online vertical consumer guides, including Apartment Guide and New Home Guide,, and

He is being replaced by David Krantz, who is currently AT&T’s vice president of business development. Krantz is a five-year AT&T veteran who has focused on developing new consumer-oriented interactive products. Before joining AT&T, Krantz held marketing and strategy positions at GoDigital, AOL and Netscape.

Stubbs’ decision was driven at least in part by a desire to return to his native Atlanta.

His departure follows on the heels of senior Internet management turnover at Idearc Media (Eric Chandler, later replaced by Briggs Ferguson) and RHD interactive, where Jake Winebaum left his role as president of after less than a year on the job.

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  1. Yes, thats true and that is very sad! I and my colleagues received the news and felt so bad since he was super CEO.

  2. The fact that Lance Bachman who was Acting Vice President Local Sales, Judy Yi, Director of Sales Operations both resigned on Friday 4/18 and then Charles Stubbs the following Monday makes me suspect that there is more to this story than we are hearing.

  3. Wow, very seldom do you have heads of 3 of the 4 major IYPs leaving within a few months of each other. I’m sure they have their own reasons for leaving. I just hope is not an insider glimpse of the future

  4. Seems like it’s a classic case of print doesn’t like online and online doesn’t like print so I’m taking my ball and going home. Also it appears that Mr. Stubbs is seeing the light…

    Print, online or otherwise, IMHO, the light and the future is vertical. More specifically, vertical…CONTENT.

    There are a bajillion (at last count) places to find the name, address, phone number, URL of and map to every business on the planet. And if that’s all you’re looking for and all you need – you’re the luckiest business prospect on the planet. Oh, and best of luck deciding what business to do business with! But, we do thank you for the referral.

    What we’ve experiencing with Local Vertical 1.0 is – basically – all the YP data funneled into nifty local vertical silos. In print and online. With reviews, ratings, video and more it’s looking like Local Vertical 2.0 may just bring the CONTENT which will be the * KA-CHING * that will have YPPs, IYPPs, SMEs and consumers dancin’ in the streets!

    Unfortunately, it’s also going to have some key YP senior management folks exiting stage left.

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