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SMB-focused video ad platform Jivox launched today, along with a $2.7 million seed round led by Opus Capital. Jivox joins the hot local merchant video advertising space with a self-serve ad creation and placement engine for SMBs. This includes ad creation and reporting dashboards and the ability to customize ads from a bucket of stock footage that is specific to certain category businesses (see sample ads here).

Ad production is one part of the formula. Equally important is distribution; where do the videos “live” and how well are they targeted to local searchers? To answer this question the company has also established a growing ad network where videos (mostly pre-roll and mid-roll) can be targeted with geographic, contextual and demographic relevance, according to founder Diaz Nesamoney (formerly behind Informatica and Celequest). Ad creation is free and then advertisers pay on a PFP basis for ad placement throughout this network.

So unlike some other local video vendors, including TurnHere, Denver MultiMedia and EZ Show, it hasn’t yet endeavored to work with Yellow Pages publishers as distribution and sales channel partners. This could change, according to Nesamoney, who acknowledges the scale that can be gained through Yellow Pages reseller channels and the quality inventory held by well-traveled IYPs. In the meantime, it will have to join the ranks of local video vendors lining up to prove value to this coveted YP channel.

Here are a few more details on the platform from the release:

Jivox AdSlate: This self-service video creation tool allows users to create ads using Jivox’s large library of still images, video clips and music, or by using their own content such as a digital picture of a storefront, product shots, head shots or logos. Users can enhance this content with snappy ad copy and other useful information, such as contact information, website URL, special discounts and click-through promotions.

Jivox Targeting and Campaign Management: Jivox technology enables advertisers to get their ads in front of the right audience. Sophisticated algorithms developed by Jivox use extensive web site contextual data and content metadata to match ads with audiences most likely to respond favorably to a campaign. Once the campaign is launched, campaign reports give users advanced intelligence to get an instant view of results so they can make intelligent decisions about how to improve or expand the campaign.

Jivox Video Network: Jivox’s growing network offers advertisers extensive opportunities to get their targeted message in front of a wide audience. Jivox Video Network enables publisher sites to easily incorporate video advertising with a simple JavaScript integration (similar to embedding a link to an online video). Most sites can begin serving video ads within a few hours of signing up as a Jivox network partner.

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