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Here is a recap of blog posts from this week in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

OK, Here’s the Lineup for Seattle, April 30-May 2
It’s been a lot of fun putting this together — a “who’s who” lineup for Kelsey’s Drilling Down on Local: Marketplaces, which takes places April 30-May 2 in Seattle (a favorite city). This show, entirely inspired by the in-depth analysis being done by Kelsey’s Marketplaces research program, takes a fresh stab at everything, with a major focus on verticals, community and classifieds — all from an exclusively LOCAL perspective. (Read more…)

Local Video Gets More Attention; SEO Is Key
Mixpo’s Glenn Pingul has an interesting column in Search Engine Land today about online video’s growing relevance as an ad vehicle for SMBs. He hits on all the main points, discussed here in the past, about video’s benefits for local advertising, including: (Read more…)

Seattle Times Co. Launches ‘Network Search’
One big takeaway from the NAA Marketing show last week in Orlando was that newspapers are ready to build up a zillion niche products that allow them to leverage their editorial talents. But not much progress, or even attention, is being paid to local search. It makes you wonder if newspapers are really serious about reaching out to the high volume of small businesses in their communities that have previously relied entirely on Yellow Pages. (Read more…)

3-D Mapping News: Everyscape and TeleAtlas
3-D mapping company EveryScape has secured a $7 million B round led by Waltham, Massachusetts-based Dace Ventures. Similar to Google’s Street View, the company stitches together 3-D renderings of street-level cityscapes. Unlike Google or any other mapping provider, however, EveryScape also creates 3-D renderings of some building interiors (see past write-up). (Read more…)

‘Local’ Surprisingly Prominent at Health 2.0
The smart “post Web” money is looking at health care (and green solutions), right? But based on Health 2.0: User-Generated Healthcare, a conference that took place March 2-4 in San Diego, the subject may no longer be search engines or e-commerce, but it’s still about Web and mobile applications. And local is still the last frontier to conquer. (Read more…)

Spot Runner Buys Weblistic, Pumps Up Local Sales Effort
Spot Runner has gone into the local reseller channel in a major way by acquiring Weblistic, a company headed by Ketan Shah (and whose president is Yellow Pages Commando Dick Larkin). The company has 50 employees and is headquartered in Fremont, near San Jose, with additional offices in Carlsbad, CA, near San Diego and Chicago. It also has sales staff in the New York metro area and Denver. Its employees will be combined with Spot Runner’s 300 employees. (Read more…)

Krillion Powers Panasonic Product Search
Last week, Krillion took an evolutionary step by feeding its local product listings into — essentially becoming a data provider, in addition to a local product search destination. After talking with Krillion CEO Joel Toledano last week, it became clear that this is only the beginning of the company’s march toward feeding its content and product (and inventory) search capability to other well-traveled local product search destinations. Tomorrow it will announce that Panasonic’s manufacturer Web site is next on the list. (Read more…)

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