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Idearc has announced CEO John Mueller will resign after just eight days on the job, citing “unforeseen health reasons.”

Mueller, who was previously Idearc’s chairman, had replaced Kathy Harless, who was removed following a sharp decline in the company’s value. Executive Vice President Frank Gatto will step in on an interim basis while the company searches for a new replacement.

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  1. This certainly is a remarkable turn of events, given all that has happened in this industry over the past few weeks. I got to know Jack a little when he ran Cincinnati Bell and always enjoyed talking to him. I hope his health concern is not serious, and I wish him a quick and full recovery. It will be very interesting to see what kind of leader Idearc brings in to run the company. If I were a gambler, I’d bet on someone from outside the industry.

  2. This company is in bad shape. No chairman, interim CEO, interim
    CFO, No head of Internet, and God knows who else is planning to
    leave. Anybody that is a star will not join a company like this.
    Anybody that will join this company is not a star. Best and most
    likely will be for a priavte equity to buy them, strip out most of
    the upper management and implement draconian cost cutting like laing
    off 40% of the people.

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